Gaming @ Penn State

Courses of Interest

University Park
IST 446 An Introduction to Building Computer/Video Games
An interdisciplinary course that introduces students to process and techniques involved in developing a video or computer game.

ART 318 New Media Art: Game Art
A studio course concentrating on game art and new media authoring practices.

CMLIT 490 Video Game Studies
A comparative look at the nature and history of video games as cultural artifacts, from Pond to online role-playing.

Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
Game Development Certificates
The U.S. video game industry exceeds both the movie and music industries in revenues and employs a range of professionals, including graphic artists, software developers, and marketing specialists. Game development also finds its way into mainstream industries where graduates with gaming and graphic skills are needed to develop virtual worlds and experiences for their customers. Game development requires a multi-disciplinary approach to delivery that includes computing skills, arts, and cinema.
Game Development: Technical Programming Certificate
Game Development: Digital Arts and Design Certificate

SUMMER 2013 PSU Erie Game Development Courses offered online

  • H&SS 297A - Introduction to Game Design
  • ENGR 297A - Technical Game Development

Related Clubs

Our club specializes in video game creation. If you're looking for a different kind of game club, then we suggest looking into these clubs:

The Pennsylvania State University Video Game Club
-Plays video games (not develops)

The Gaming Association of Penn State
-Board games, card games, ect.

Penn State Urban Gaming Club
-physical games like humans vs. Zombies, Capture the Flag, ect.

Penn State E-Sports Club
-Competitive gaming

Role-Playing Games of Penn State
-Live action role playing (LARP)

Penn State Anime Club - Import Gaming
-Japanese animation focused, but has video game nights

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